The Ring Shear Tester RST-01.01 (1993 - 2008)


The Ring Shear Tester RST-01.01 was the first ring shear tester developed and manufactured by Dr. Dietmar Schulze. The tester was manually operated, as the Jenike shear tester, which means that during a test the operator has to place weight pieces on a hanger, and has to switch on and off the motor drive of the shear cell, and finally has to read the test results form a chart recorder or a data acquisition system.

The tester was delivered to customers from 1993 to 2008. Then the production was stopped because our customers prefer the more up-to-date computer-controlled testers we offer.

The ring shear tester RST-01.01 was the base of the automatic Ring Shear Tester RST-01.pc. where the test is controlled and evaluated by a PC running RST-CONTROL 95 software.


Technical modifications excepted.
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