Powders and Bulk Solids
Behavior, Characterization, Storage and Flow
(2nd edition coming soon)

by Dietmar Schulze

About this book

The book concentrates on powder flow properties, their measurement and applications. These topics are explained starting from the interactions between individual particles up to the design of silos. A wide range of problems are discussed - such as flow obstructions, segregation, and vibrations. The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the powder flow, and to show practical solutions.

In the first part the fundamentals of bulk solids flow are outlined: particle-particle interactions, stress, friction, strength, density, flow properties and methods

of measurement, shear testers and other test procedures, specific properties of powders and how they are influenced by moisture, temperature, and flow agents.

The second part deals with the application of the flow properties in the design of properly working bulk solid containers like bins, silos, and hoppers. Other topics include: the technical design of silo walls, feeders, discharge aids, inserts, the assessment of stresses in silos, segregation and how to avoid it, and vibrations or shocks occurring in silos.

Written for:
Professionals handling or producing powders: in chemical or pharmaceutical industry, in building materials, automotive, power plants, agriculture, waste management, recycling; scientists in these fields

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The "Standard Shear Testing Technique"

The "Standard Shear Testing Technique for Particulate Solids Using the Jenike Shear Tester" (SSTT) ) was published in 1989. The books describes a procedure for the operation of the Jenike shear tester based on the work of the "Working Party on the Mechanics of Particulate Solids" of the EFCE (European Federation of Chemical Engineers). Translations to Czech and German language are also available.


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