Ring Shear Testers

The Ring Shear Testers serve for the determination of the flow properties of more or less all powders and bulk solids like flour, cement, soap powder, titanium dioxide, clay, sewage sludge, and others. Our Ring shear testers are applied in a wide range of industry (e.g. Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry), and in universities and research institutions.  

Flow properties are: flowability, internal friction, time consolidation, wall friction, and bulk density. More about these terms you will find in an essay on this website (click here) and - somewhat shorter - on an information sheet which can be downloaded here as pdf file.

Typical applications for the ring shear testers are, for example, product characterization, quality control, comparative tests, and silo design.

The Ring Shear Tester RST-01.pc (image on the right) is suited for all powders and bulk solids up to a particle size of 5 .. 10 mm. It performs the tests automatically, i.e. controlled by a Personal Computer and control software RST-CONTROL 95.
The "small" Ring Shear Tester RST-XS (see image on the left), introduced in 2002, is first of all an automatic flowability and caking tester for fine-grained powders. If is a benchtop device, much smaller than the RST-01.pc, and serves as flowbilit and caking tester at man places, but is also used for the design of hoppers and silos.
The Ring Shear Tester RST-XS was manufactured until 2013. Its replacement is the new model RST-XS.s (see image below).
The new RST-XS.s is even smaller than the RST-XS while using the same shear cells. The main application of this tester is the measurement of flowability, caking, and wall friction as with the
RST-XS, but it offers some additional features, e.g., the "Stress Walk" where as couple of yield loci is measured with one specimen. This gives a time-saving preview of the flow properties of a powder or bulk solid.

The RST-XS is usually placed on the laboratory bench and is easy to operate. Because of the small required powder specimen (only about 30 ml for the standard shear cell, about 3,5 ml for the smallest shear cell) this tester can be applied also in industries where only small amounts of powder are available for testing, e.g. in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

General information on the Ring Shear Testers

Information on Ring Shear Tester RST-01.pc

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