The Original Schulze Ring Shear Testers for powders and bulk solids.
(powder testers - shear testers - flowability testers).
Measure f
lowability - compressibility - consolidation - caking - attrition - wall friction - internal friction.

Our New Small Ring Shear Tester:
The "small" automatic, digitally controlled Ring Shear Tester RST-XS.s for the measurement of flow properties of powders (flowability, caking, wall friction). Automatic, computer-controlled test procedure. Very small specimen volume (standard: only about 30 ml* , smallest approx. 3.5 ml).

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*) 1 ml = 1 cm3 = 0.061 in3

Shear cell 3.5 ml

NEW: Software for silo design for flow - available from 2021

We call it CAHD: Computer-aided Hopper Design.
An interactive software doing the common calculations according to Jenike's theory and, if desired, also according to other approaches: Hopper slope for mass flow (diameter-dependent), outlet dimensions to avoidarching and ratholing. The entire process is user-controlled and transparent: Diagrams, extrapolations, and so on, are finally presented in a comprehensive document.

Example: ff-diagram for PHIE=52° with design point

NEW: Small volume shear cell XS-Sr

The new shear cell type XS-Sr for Ring Shear Testers RST-XS.s and RST-XS with only 10 ml specimen volume is provided with a lid and bottom ring design similar to the larger shear cells XS-Mr and XS-Lr.

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Shear cell XS-Sr (10 ml)

New version of "SILO STRESS TOOL" (Please click here)
Program for the assessment of stresses in silos, bins, and containers
- adjusted to requirements of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10* -
*) Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are trademarks of Microsoft Corp., USA

Round Robin Test on Ring Shear Testers RST-XS and RST-01.pc

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Published papers:

D. Schulze: Round Robin Test on Ring Shear Testers,
Advanced Powder Technology 22 (2011) 2, pp. 197-–202 (in English)

D. Schulze: Ringversuch mit Ringschergeräten,
Schüttgut 16 (2010) 3, pp 146-153 (in German)

ASTM standard on Ring Shear Tester:
D6773: Standard Shear Test Method for Bulk Solids Using the Schulze Ring Shear Tester (please click here to visit the ASTM website)

Book on powder technology

Powders and bulk solids
Behavior, characterization, storage and flow
(2nd edition coming soon)
by Dietmar Schulze
(published by Springer)

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